An International Brewing Consultant

"The key to brewing great beers is to use the best possible ingredients and be consistent. If the first beer doesn't taste like 'I'll have another' the brewer has failed."
       - Alan J. Pugsley

Pugsley's Brewing Projects International (PBPI) is owned by Alan Pugsley, one of the most influential players in the revival of craft brewing. PBPI was established in 1994 as the American affiliate of Peter Austin & Partners (Contracts) Ltd., an English brewery consultancy run by Pugsley and Peter Austin since 1982.

Pugsley joined Peter Austin & Partners and the Ringwood Brewery in 1982, fresh from Manchester University with a degree in biochemistry. He learned the brewing business from the ground up, overseeing the formulation of a wide range of ales and traditional English beers. During his time at Ringwood he supervised the installation of 20 breweries around the world, and also collaborated with Austin in the development of the direct-fired, brick clad, copper whirlpool and hop percolator-essential components of the original Peter Austin brick kettle brewing system. Austin's design philosophy, which has withstood the test of time, is to make the system rugged, reliable, easy to operate, clean and maintain. To date, more than 130 Austin systems have been installed worldwide.

The Johnny Appleseed of Craft Brewing

Pugsley arrived in the U.S. in 1986 to set up the D.L. Geary Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, and has since helped set up more than 80 breweries in North America. He has been dubbed the "Johnny Appleseed of Craft Brewing" by a well knowntrade journal.

In 1994, Pugsley became a partner in Portland's Shipyard Brewing Company, overseeing its growth from a small, seven-barrel brewpub in Kennebunk to a full fledged brewery. Shipyard produced 10,000 barrels in its first year, and was producing 160,000 barrels by 2014, making it the 16th largest craft brewer in the U.S. The brewery's growth was accomplished using a 100-barrel brew length Peter Austin system, brewing five times a day, seven days a week.

By 2012, Pugsley had helped Shipyard expand to maximum capacity, enabling him to step back from day to day operations. He is currently focused on helping clients, existing and new, produce balanced, consistent English-style beers.

Pugsley Brewing Projects International provides a wide range of services to aspiring brewery owners and established breweries looking to improve and refine their product. From three-barrel brewpub systems to 150,000-plus barrel systems, PBPI can help you achieve quality and consistency in classic English and cask-conditioned ales, as well as ales with your own uniquely American twist.

PBPI services include:

Brewery layout and design

Proprietary formulations

Brewer training

Audit services

Brewing equipment (manufactured in North America)

Keeping faithful to traditional English brewing values is instrumental to Pugsley's success. A degree in biochemistry doesn't hurt. "The ultimate goal is to make well balanced beers no matter what the style, so the malt and hops interact together," he says. "The skill here is in understanding water chemistry, and the impact different ions, like chloride and sulfate, have on the overall beer profile, and then using the malt and hops and any other ingredients accordingly, to create a balanced, drinkable beer, barrel after barrel."