An International Brewing Consultant

December 2018

Congratulations go out to Ross Kelly who trained to brew with us at Kennebunkport Brewing Company in Spring of 2017 and has now opened Kelly Brewing Company in Morgan Hill, California as of November 2018. Ross purchased an old 7 bbl Peter Austin Brew Kettle Brewing system a year ago. The brewery was originally installed in 1995 for the Shed restaurant and brewery in Stowe, VT which was very successful and well known until its closure in 2015 when the owners decided to retire from the business. Ross has done much work cosmetically and otherwise, bringing this sytem back to life. PBPI is excited to have helped Ross along the way with consultancy, equipment, fittings, bricks and specialty items supply along with a fresh charge of the top fermenting Ringwood yeast to help get him under way.

November 2018

Alan Pugsley visited St. John, USVI in late October 2018 for a 2 week commissioning of the St. John Brewers new 5 barrel PBPI brewery. Alan Pugsley says: "After a few years of owners, Chirag Vyas and Kevin Chipman, having to contend with a facility fire in 2015 and then hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, it was very exciting to be finally on the way to St. John to start up the new brewery we supplied and started to install in June of this year. I travelled down with 10 lbs of fresh Ringwood yeast for some of the ales production. We had a very smooth commissioning, brewing 4 different beers in my time on the island, including the Tropical Mango Ale, Liquid Sunshine Belgian style ale, Big Als Pale Ale (a one off specialty), and Endless Summer Ale - the Ringwood yeast thrived in its new home. Both Tropical Mango Ale and Liquid Sunshine were on tap by the time I left and tasting "spot on." Kevin Chipman (owner/brewer) and Kade Parent (brewer) were fully versed in equipment and process operations of the new system once I left." Alan said, "I would like to say congratulations to the whole of St. John Brewers operational and construction team and especially to Kevin, Chirag, and Tim Hanley (Pub Manager and Kevin's cousin "Cousin Tim") for designing and building a beautiful location and sticking by their dreams through a very difficult 4 years."

October 2018

English Heritage in Maine

The Maine Historical Society recently did a profile video of Alan Pugsley. Featuring the growth of brewing in Maine under the masterful skills of Alan.

Check out Alan's video on YouTube:
YouTube >>

August 2018

A Taste of America in England

Shipyard are proud to brew in collaboration with Marston’s Beer Company to make beers available across the UK. American Pale Ale and American IPA recently won two awards at The International Beer Challenge.

July 2018

Ashton Brewing Company, Ashton, ON was successfully commissioned in June/July 2018 and is now full steam ahead in making its popular beer lineup, including ABC Amber Ale and ABC Stout in the new Peter Austin Brick Kettle 30 HI brewing system right next door to the Ashton Pub.

February 2018

New World' craft beers In England

Shipyard beers now feature prominently on draft in many UK pubs and on the shelves of renowned retailers such as Waitrose and Coop. "We are very excited about the continued growth of the Shipyard brands in England and the excitement that appears to surround the brand" said Alan Pugsley on a recent trip to Stratford Upon Avon.

January 2018

Outer Limits Brewing Company of Proctorsville, Vermont have contracted with Pugsley's Brewing Projects International to supply a full turnkey 10 barrel brew length "Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System" capable of producing both ales and lagers. It is expected to ship and install the equipment in Spring 2018. Wesley Tice and Taylor Shaw are the owners of the new venture which will incorporate a kitchen and pub.

"I really appreciate all your hard work Alan. It’s been a blessing to have you as a part of our team."

August 2017

Recently Pugsley's Brewing Projects International has been contracted by Ashton Brewing Company in Ashton, Canada about 20 miles from Ottawa to build a 30 Hl brewhouse and Malt Handling expansion next to their Old Mill pub and current 8 Hl Peter Austin brewing system.

A brand new building is being built alongside the pub so it will be one big contiguous operation. "We are very excited to be working with Art Hodgins and his three sons to help them on their way to their next level of expansion and production which will enable them to better service the demand for their beers" said Alan Pugsley. Alan Pugsley helped Lorne Hart build Hart Breweries just down the road in Carleton Place in 1991. Alan added "It will be fun to further enhance brewing in this area again."

July 2017


Brewers who have brewed on the original Grittys' system since start up in 1988 celebrate the 5,000th mash at the renowned Portland, Maine brewpub. Brewers include L to R Billy Stebbins (Grittys Freeport) Jason Perkins (Allagash head brewer), Ed Stebbins (owner/brewer), Alan Pugsley, Tom Bull (Dirigo brewing), James Stebbins (Eds son who now brews also).

"Congratulations Ed and Richard on reaching this great milestone."

Alan Pugsley, DL and original assistant brewer Paul Hendry

Congratulations David Geary

"Congratulations DL on your well deserved retirement 31 years after starting DL Geary Brewing Company in Portland, ME. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your start up and bringing me over to the USA from England."

June 2017

Canada 150th

Across Canada

The Fathers of Fermentation
A Unique, Canadian Brewing Collaboration

Read more about this special collaboration and see some video of the cross country brew days on the The Fathers of Fermentation Facebook page.

To Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Signing of Confedera- tion Eight Patriotic Canadian microbrewers. One lovingly hand- crafted beer, and a New National Dream: to unite the country with a collaborative, delicately handcrafted national beer, brewed literally from coast to coast in small batches. A taste reminiscent of the time of Confederation 150 years ago, produced using the traditional Open fermentation and direct fire Peter Austin brewing system.

We lovingly present to Canadians a unique beer experience to toast the 150th: Sir John's Special Eh-le.

A truly Canadian concept, 8 microbreweries and brewpubs from across Canada will collaborate to produce the first handcrafted national beer brewed from Coast to Coast. Participating in this National Event are the following breweries:

Granite Brewery, in Halifax NS Picaroon's
   Traditional Ales of Fredericton NB.
Golden Lion Brewery, Lennoxville Que.
   Granite Brewery, Toronto Ont. Ashton Brew Pub, Ottawa Ont.
   Clock Tower Brewing, Ottawa Ont.
Four Mile Brewing Co., Victoria BC Glebe,
   Westbora, New Edinbugh

All of above breweries are located in the original provincial signatories of the BNA Act (British North American Act), which formed Canada in 1867, with the exception of BC (1871). As a patriotic re-enactment of this historical event, this group of brewing friends shall henceforth be known as the "Fathers of Fermentation", and will rededicate the BNA Act 2017 (Better-ales for North America) by brewing a period ale taking us back 150 years. This will be a limited release of traditional ale, Sir John's Special Eh-le, by the Fathers of Fermentation, leading up to the 150th year of Canada in 2017.

The New National Dream will commence On June 16th, at Granite Brewery, Halifax, and Fredericton on the East Coast, continue across Upper and Lower Canada city by city, time zone by time zone and finish with a flourish in Victoria's Four Mile brewing Co. on the West Coast. The ale will be delicately aged for release on July 1, 2017.

This Canadian ale will be traditionally brewed in the (late) Peter Austen design direct fired brick kettle,naturally fermented in open fermenters using the same ingredients, same methodology brewery to brewery and Peter's favorite Ringwood yeast with its centuries old Yorkshire roots. Alan Pugsley of Pugsley Brewing International, good friend and former partner of the late Peter Austen will develop the recipe. Alan was responsible for the design and set up of every participating brewery for the Fathers of Fermentation. He and Peter have designed and set up more than a 100 breweries world wide.

Join us July 1 to celebrate our new National Dream – to unite this great nation with one lovingly handcrafted microbrewed beer, available from coast to coast!

February 2017

St Mary Axe Brewing Company

Toronto Ontario, Canada

PBPI was contracted by St. Mary Axe Brewing Company in the Fall of 2016 to help develop a new beer brand for the Ontario Market. The beer developed is a Canadian Best Bitter combining old world tradition with new world dry hopping and was brewed and kegged in January 2017.

"Alan Pugsley is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. A pioneer of the craft beer industry, Alan has deep experience with all aspects of the brewing process. He is well known and well regarded in our industry. The beer he produced for us was exactly what we were looking for. Alan has a unique ability to understand customer requirements and effectively translate them into practice. He has a tremendous attention to detail to ensure quality and consistency. For us, he was the perfect business partner for our project."

- Steve Dobronyi

St. Mary Axe Debuts with Canadian Best Bitter

TORONTO, ON — Ontario Beverage Network reports that a new Toronto-based contract brewer has launched with a new beer created by a respected veteran of the world's brewing scene.

St. Mary Axe first release is Canadian Best Bitter, a 4.6% abv ale that has been developed by renowned British brewmaster Alan Pugsley. Currently being brewed under contract in London, Ontario, it's described as having "a medium copper hue, flavours of caramel and light toast with a dry finish."

Glens Falls Brewing Company

Queensbury, NY

Contracted PBPI for two off 100 barrel brewlength Univessels for delivery early Spring, as they plan for product expansion and diversity in 2017.

Gritty McDuffs

Portland, Maine

Gritty McDuffs have ordered four of 7 barrel "Austin" serving tanks for the brewery in Portland, Maine. This is part of an upgrade and overhaul for the facility in 2017. Grittys was established in 1988 and was the first brewpub in the USA that Alan Pugsley helped set up during his time at the D.L.Geary Brewing Company.

May 2016

Recently Pugsley's Brewing Projects International helped establish a new brewery in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia and is instrumental in the producing of award winning ales. These passionately crafted ales won an endorsement from Jimmy Buffet on his Margaritaville blog.

"Lucky for us, ......(Antillia Brewing Company)...... now produce handcrafted brewskis specifically designed for the Caribbean climate and tastes. Crisp and full-flavored pale and golden ales, organic chocolate stouts and their must-try seasonal passion fruit ale: they've all earned rave kudos from globe-tripping visitors."

Read the full blog here:

January 2016

Kevin Chipman and Chirag Vyas, owners of St. John Brewers have signed a contract to install a new "Peter Austin Brewing System" at their expanding TapRoom facility in St. John.

In January 2015 the TapRoom suffered the misfortune of a fire that spread from their next door neighbors at Mongoose Junction where they are located. Temporary bar quarters were set up next door which has kept them going since, however the Phoenix is rising from the ashes and now work has begun on converting their old space along with the burnt space next door into a bigger, better TapRoom on their second floor location. They will be installing the new 5 barrel Peter Austin/Pugsley brewery on the 3rd floor of the facility to produce draft beer and growlers.

St. John Brewers also currently produce several brands of bottled and draft beers including Hoppin IPA,Tropical Mango and Endless Summer Ale under contract at Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine.

Alan Pugsley said "We are very excited to be working with our good friends Kevin and Chirag on this project. My family and I fell in love with St. John when we first visited about 12 years ago when Kevin and Chirag first started the company. It has been great to see them overcome the many obstacles of doing business in the islands and grow a very successful and expanding business. We are honored to play a small part in their continued success."

August 2015

The Antillia Brewing Co. of St. Lucia W.I. recently won 2 gold and 2 bronze awards at the at the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival. Pugsley's Brewing Projects International's experience and dedication is instrumental in the producing of the winning ales. These accolades have also helped Antillia Brewing expand the availability of these passionately crafted ales on St. Lucia.

Golden Wheat and Chocolate Stout

Stout and Passion fruit

August 2015

New 30 Hl Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing system being installed on Union Street, Fredericton, NB, Canada as an expansion project for Picaroons Traditional Ales first established in 1995/96 with an 8Hl Peter Austin system and later expanded into a 15 Hl system on Melissa Street, Fredericton, NB. Alan Pugsley stated "Its great to be working with Sean Dunbar and his team again and help them expand production in order to reach the demands for their highly rated, popular ales."

April 2015

Pugsley's Brewing Projects International have completed the commissioning of the Antilia Brewing Company for Andrew Hashey and Greg Potten from New Brunswick, Canada in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia part of the Windwood islands in the Caribbean. "Facing incredible challenges Alan's experience and dedication to craft allowed us to produce three wonderful ales for the Caribbean market immediately." said Andrew Hashey.

A second hand 5 Hl brewing system was purchased from a previous operation on the island from a few years ago and it was retrofitted to produce classic English style ales and beers for the local community. "There is a large expat UK population in St. Lucia who are clamouring for local beers with taste and character." says Alan Pugsley.

January 2015

Antilia Brewing Company owned by Andrew Hashey and Greg Potten from New Brunswick, Canada have contracted with Pugsley's Brewing Projects International to help them establish a new brewery in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia part of the Windwood islands in the Caribbean.

A second hand 5 Hl brewing system was purchased from a previous operation on the island from a few years ago and is being retrofitted to produce classic English style ales and beers for the local community. "There is a large expat UK population in St. Lucia who are clamouring for local beers with taste and character" says Alan Pugsley who visited the location early November 2014.

July 2014

Glens Falls Brewing Company commenced brewing and packaging its Davidson Brothere beers using a traditional 50 barrel Peter Austin Original Brick Kettle Brewing System, initially capable of producing 13,000 barrels per week. Davidson Brothers have gone from having its beer brewed elsewhere to brewing for others. "We chose this brew system, with its traditional open-top fermentation, because with it we can handcraft truly world-class beers." John Davidson.

June 2014

Four Mile House Brewpub has ordered a couple of 20 Hl fermentation vessels to be added to their newly installed 10 Hl system in anticipation of commencement of bottling. The reception for the beers plus a new summer seasonal have been so positive that Graham Haymes (owner) is expecting big things from the bottling. As well as selling beer through the in house taps, Four Mile is selling about 100 growlers a week also from the brewpub.

March 2014

The Four Mile Pub located in Victoria, BC, Canada contracted Pugsley's Brewing Projects to design and supply an authentic 10Hl Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System. That was installed in their pub January/February 2014.

The owners are Graham Haymes snr, Graham Haymes jnr and Doug White, the latter of whom actually trained with Alan at Ringwood Brewery back in 1985. This project has been looked at for 28 years and with some local laws changing to enable them to install the brewery, which is in full operations now.

August 2013

The Four Mile Pub located in Victoria, BC, Canada have contracted with Pugsley’s Brewing Projects to design and supply an authentic 10Hl Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System to be installed in their pub which has been in operation for over 30 years.

The owners are Graham Haymes snr, Graham Haymes jnr and Doug White, the latter of whom actually trained with Alan at Ringwood Brewery back in 1985. This project has been looked at for 28 years and with some local laws changing to enable them to install the brewery they are now full steam ahead on this exciting project.

June 2013

Brothers Rick & John Davidson, founders and owners of Glens Falls-based Davidson Brothers Brewing Company, are announcing plans to build a 20,000-square foot craft brewery in Queensbury, New York. The design, custom fabrication, installation and commissioning of the Davidson Brewery system will be overseen by internationally acclaimed Master Brewer, Alan Pugsley.

February 2013

Alan Pugsley assists with the brewing of the first batch in the a new 30 bbl brewhouse (A Pugsley's Brewing Project installation) at Woodstock Inn and Brewery in North Woodstock, NH in February 2013

"I appreciate all your hard work and direction. You have certainly given much more than typical consultation....I thank you for your mentoring and valued expertise."
Butch Chase, Brewmaster

November 2012

Woodstock Brewery Expansion

Alan Pugsley inspects a new 30 bbl brew house (built in Maine to Pugsley/Austin designs) arriving at Woodstock Inn and Brewery in North Woodstock, NH.

September 2012

Woodstock Brewery Expansion

Pugsley Brewing Projects is working closely with Woodstock Inn & Brewery on their expansion. The new equipment will increase the brewing capacity to 10,000 barrels a year and will allow the brewery to bottle their craft beers on site.

September 2012

St John Brewers - Travel Show

St John Brewers was featured in a new travel show called Ex-Pats hosted by Savannah Buffett (Jimmy's daughter). The first episode about the Brewery that Pugsley’s Brewing Projects help set up can be seen on YouTube: Click here to view video.

September 2012

Memphis Bottling Line

Watch this short video showing the bottling line in Memphis, where some of Shipyards Ales are being brewed. Master Brewer Alan Pugsley is a consultant for the production of these ales. This line is bottling an impressive 800 bottles a minute. Click here to view video.

Take a look and listen to this video from Maine Stories. About Alan Puglsey and the story behind his brewing.

YouTube Video >>