An International Brewing Consultant


Shipyard Brewing Co.


Portland, Maine


Alan Pugsley was hired as a consultant to build a 7 bbl Peter Austin system for Federal Jacks in Kennebunk in 1992, after a very successful couple of years it was decided to build a larger packaging plant in Portland (Shipyard Brewing Company) in 1994 utilizing initially a 50 bbl Peter Austin system and soon expanding to a 100 bbls system. At this time Fred Forsley (President) made Alan a partner in the business.

In 2011 the brewery grew to over 100,000 bbls production and continues to be on an upward swing. Alan having helped steer the production to this level over the previous 19 years decided in Spring of 2012 to step back from day to day operations and become consulting Master Brewer to Shipyard Brewing Company. In this capacity Alan has successfully helped integrate production of Shipyard beers down at Blues City Brewing Company in Memphis ,TN under an Alternating Premise Licence. At this time Shipyard Export Ale,Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale and SeaDog Blueberry Beer are all successfully brewed and packaged at this location in 1000 bbl batches.