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Alan Pugsley, Master Brewer

Pugsley's Brewing Projects International (PBPI) is owned by Alan Pugsley, one of the most influential players in the revival of craft brewing. PBPI was established in 1994 as the American affiliate of Peter Austin & Partners (Contracts) Ltd., an English brewery consultancy run by Alan Pugsley and Peter Austin since 1982.

Alan Pugsley joined Peter Austin & Partners and the Ringwood Brewery in 1982, fresh from Manchester University with a degree in biochemistry. He learned the brewing business from the ground up, overseeing the formulation of a wide range of ales and traditional English beers. During his time at Ringwood he supervised the installation of 20 breweries around the world, and also collaborated with Austin in the development of the direct-fired, brick clad, copper whirlpool and hop percolator-essential components of the original Peter Austin brick kettle brewing system. Austin's design philosophy, which has withstood the test of time, is to make the system rugged, reliable, easy to operate, clean and maintain. To date, more than 130 Austin systems have been installed worldwide.



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The key to brewing great beers is to use the best possible ingredients and be consistent. If the first beer doesn’t taste like ‘I’ll have another’ the brewer has failed.
— Alan Pugsley


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