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Brewing Services


Brewery Layout and design

Whether you are looking to build a brewpub  a nano brewery with tasting room or a larger operation brewery PBPI will design a new brewery for you,  from 1 barrel - 100 barrel brew lengths in a customers existing building to a brand new green field site. Design includes layout of brewing equipment and packaging equipment along with all necessary utility layouts to include water, electrical, natural gas or propane, ventilation, refrigeration needs and CO2.

PBPI can also take second hand equipment or other equipment procured by customer and fulfill the same design goals including modification of such equipment if needed to achieve the end goal

Brewer Training

PBPI provides full hands on training for anyone purchasing a full “ Pugsley/Peter Austin” system. This includes offsite training at one of our associated facilities working with highly experienced brewers,primarily in Maine, other sites might be arranged if necessary. On top of this, training is also done on site at the customers new brewing facility throughout the commissioning period of the new system until such time the customer is ready to take the reins.

Hands-on Training at one of our associated brewing facilities can also be purchased for a 1 or 2 week period if desired.

Brewery Equipment

PBPI are a company where Brewers ( not engineers) design breweries and equipment along with providing expertise for other Brewers and soon to be brewers.

PBPI can design and provide all necessary brewing equipment from 1 barrel - 100 barrel brew length . This includes all brewing vessels custom fabricated in Maine and North America  to our unique designs incorporating if so desired the “ Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System “. Equipment supply also includes chiller(s), pumps, malt handling equipment, heating equipment , laboratory ware and QC testing ware . A customer will typically choose to go with a complete system from us which will include everything you need however units can be cherry picked if preferred.

Consulting Services

PBPI provides full consultancy throughout the brewery design,fabrication ,installation and commissioning period working closely with the customer and their architects, engineers ,tradespeople, local municipalities and whoever else it is required to interact with to get the new brewery project off the ground.

PBPI will also provide follow up consulting on an as needed basis.

Proprietary Formulations

PBPI can formulate unique recipes for each customer based on their particular wants for their brewery. Whether it be ales or lagers of all different types we are very experienced in this aspect with over 40 years of experience and hundreds, if not thousands of successful formulations completed for our customers since the late 1970’s.

We are happy to create new recipes or work with customers’ existing recipes from home brew trials or other brewery trials . Collaborating with the customer along the way of this process is our desire so that each and every recipe is unique to the individual customer. All recipes are proprietary to the customer. PBP will provide recommendations for all raw material purchasing and provide company contacts to enable the purchasing process to go smoothly including that of cleaning chemicals.

We are also able to formulate in house made sodas for customers if required.

Additional Offerings

PBPI can provide services whereby we can visit your existing brewery and give an overview of our thoughts on your operation and areas whereby you might improve on your efficiencies, production procedures, sanitation and so forth.


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