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Shipyard Brewing co.

Alan Pugsley was a founder, co-owner and Master Brewer of Shipyard Brewing Company from 1994 - 2011. PBPI contracted with Fred Forsley in 1992 to build a 7 barrel brew-length “Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System” at Federal Jacks/Kennebunkport Brewing Company (KBC) in Kennebunk, Maine. From KBC, the Shipyard Brewing Company was born in Portland, Maine in 1994 featuring initially a 50 barrel brew-length “Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System”. It later expanding to a 100 barrel brew-length system capable of producing well over 100,000 barrels per year of English and American style ales in classic, traditional open top fermentation vessels.


bravo Brewing Co.

PBPI were contracted by Bravo Brewing Company owners Chris Mishoe and Brianna Hughes in 2019 to consult and assist in the setting up of their new brewery in Pascoag, RI. Chris is an accomplished home brewer, while Brianna is an experienced food scientist. Alan was brought in to help pursue their dream of owning a small brewery and tasting room. Alan helped with all aspects of the brewery space, including equipment design and layout, equipment purchasing, and overall brewing knowledge.

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Outer Limits

PBPI contracted with Outer Limits Brewing in 2019 for a complete turnkey 10 barrel brew-length “Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System” . The brewery is designed to produce English style and American style ales plus a variety of different lager beers. The cellar has a mix of open top and enclosed fermenting vessels with both vertical and horizontal condition/bright beer tanks allowing complete systems flexibility.

“When we decided to open a brewery in Vermont we brought Alan in to help in the design, manufacture and installation of the system. Alan's knowledge and experience in all 3 areas is both extensive and realistic. He brought a direct and honest approach as our partner. The 10BBL system system we installed has performed beyond our expectations and is helping us produce high quality beer in a consistent fashion. Alan also helped us with recipe reviews and workflow process in the brewery. Net result has been a very successful launch of Outer Limits Brewing and some very happy customers!”

-Wesley Tice, Co-Owner / Master Brewer


Kelly Brewing Company

PBPI assisted owner Ross Kelly in 2018 with the retrofit and start up of a 7 barrel brew-length “ Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System “. Ross purchased the old Shed Brewing system from Stowe, Vermont installed in 1996 after the owners decided to retire from the brewpub business. PBPI gave Ross some brewery training in Maine and then helped guide and supply parts and pieces to enable Ross to get the brewery up and running in Morgan Hill , California. Kelly Brewing is now the most westerly US installation for the Brick Kettle Brewing System.

“Alan, thanks for all of your help along the way, the brewery looks great and we have had nothing but positive comments on the beers.”

Ross Kelly, Owner


Davidson Brothers Brewing Co.

PBPI installed a turnkey 7 barrel brew-length “ Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System “ for owners Rick and John Davidson in Spring of 1996. The brewing system is as shiny and operationally sound today in 2019 as it was in 1996 giving testament to the quality of equipment supplied. The brewpub was and is a resounding success producing an array of English style ales and other beers.

"We started Davidson Brothers Brewpub over 16 years ago without ever having brewed a single batch of beer. Looking back, the most important decision we made-more important even than location-was to brew on the authentic Peter Austin brewing system, designed and installed by Alan Pugsley. Alan's custom layout perfectly matched our available space and the training he provided enabled us to brew unique recipes ourselves. Our Austin system-brewed world-class ales quickly established our reputation for quality, and are now available in 17 surrounding counties, driving volume to our brewpub and providing significant revenue."
  - Rick & John Davidson


St. John Brewers

PBPI contracted with St. John Brewers for a complete Peter Austin/Pugsley 5 barrel brew-length brewing system capable of producing both ales and lagers on the third floor of their Tap Room facility in Mongoose Junction on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. John. The project was delayed a year by Hurricanes Irma and Maria but eventually got installed and commissioned in November 2018. Being on an island creates many challenges but the resulting brewery installation and beers are spectacular.

“When it was time for us to upgrade and design our new 5bbl brew-house in the US Virgin Islands, we called Alan Pugsley. Alan's vast knowledge and experience in the brewing industry is unmatched. Pugsley's Brewing Projects International worked with us to designed and manufacture our custom 5BBL brewery that fit perfectly in our island brewpub. From design, construction, assembly, recipe formulation to brewing, Alan was there every step of the way. We recommend Pugsley's Brewing Projects International for projects because you can guarantee that the quality of brewing system and the beer is world class.”

Chirag Vyas & Kevin Chipman, Owners/Brewers


Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company

Maine’s first brewpub contracted with PBPI and Alan Pugsley to install a 7 barrel “ Original Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System “ and design their initial beer portfolio . Since day one the brewpub has been a great success and still continues to thrive,innovate and make great beers over 30 years later . Owners Ed Stebbins and Richard Pfeffer followed up this project later with a 15 barrel Gritty’s in Freeport, Maine and 7 barrel Gritty’s in Auburn, Maine all featuring the classic Peter Austin brewing system.

"I have worked with Alan Pugsley for twenty-four years, and he has always been professional, courteous, and efficient. His knowledge of the brewing process and brewery design is unparalleled—he has personally designed and built breweries all over the world. In addition, Alan has formulated and brewed more world-class beers than any other brew master in North America. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Alan. I would have never achieved success as a brewer without his knowledge and support."
Ed Stabbins, Owner/Brewmaster